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Where I come from I was teached that I should always be respectful to others, so it was something I found quite normal to do. It was very logic in my point of view that I had to give people in my life value. I was learned to listen to people, to their needs and wishes and let them feel that they were being respected. 
But with the years passing by and as I grew older I went through many different cultures and experiences. I learned that this way of thinking wasn`t quite right. When someone was out of the line, for example an older person, I was trying out so much doing my best. By staying kind I was hoping that their behaviour would transform from disrespect into respect.
Sometimes, I preferable would have treated them exactly the way they were treating me: With disrespect. But I didn`t.
Later on I realized that my fear not to dissapoint people, was the cause why I stucked on to what I was teached back home. Ever since I started thinking in another way.   
We earn respect through our actions, our behaviours and our feelings. And if someone doesn`t respect me than they don`t really earn my respect. 



One step at a time.

Take time to think and to discover what you really want in life. Each time you take a step you will get closer to your dreams and to your goals. You will start enjoying the small wonderful things in life. Those things that you didn`t notice before because you were going to fast. You will remember special moments that have been in your life. Those beautiful things in life you have forgotten about. So take one step at a time. It`s better to focus on one thing and move on to the other one, after your first goal have been achieved.

Lost Love

I was preparing dinner and most of the times when I`m in the kitchen cooking, I totally forget about the rest of the world around me and I won`t get distracted by anything around me. But this time this voice on the t.v., a lady`s voice, reached me. The life story she was telling took my attention and just like that I started listening to what she was talking about in the documentary instead of enjoying my time in the kitchen preparing this lovely dinner.

As if it wasn`t enough for me, I stopped with the preparation of the meal because I couldn`t follow the whole story and besides, I needed to see the storytellers face. I got very curious. It was like she was sitting in right in front of me in my livingroom talking to me, telling me her lifestory that happened to be very serious and emotional. She lost someone very special in her life.
And than she said the words;
“It is better to have loved and have lost love than to have never loved at all.”  
Later on I looked this saying and found out that they were once written by Alfred Lord Tennyson
Those words really touched me at that moment and later on that same evening, I remembered them again. I have also lost loved ones in my life. Not only a friend that came into my life and left after a while, not only a marriage that ended up in a divorce but also my best friend that lost her life way too early. We used to do everything together and than suddenly she was gone.
Because of examples like that I have to say that first I had my doubts about this phrase. That`s also the reason why those words remained on my mind. I mean, being sad and having your heart broken because you lost someone you loved is the worst feeling that exists in this world. I thought; “Wouldn`t it be better not to love? Wouldn`t it be better to keep distance and not to start caring about others? Because than we won`t get hurt.”
I had the answer on my own lips. Remember, this is the way I see it! We are all different so I`m convinced that the opinions about this phrase would be different.
We have the memories and the experiences from the times that there was happiness. Those memories and experiences become special, like treasures. We learn how it is to love, to be loved and to be special, but we also learn how it feels to get hurt and to be in pain. Both makes us stronger and we learn from it all.
But I couldn`t imagine not knowing how to love someone, because this is the most wonderful feeling in the world.
So I do agree with this saying Lord Tennyson once wrote.

Good luck!

Good luck!

Good luck is being made within your reach. It`s the unconsious that goes through the subconsious and makes that the negative thoughts are being removed. At this point they get transformed in good thoughts and this is the moment when it makes us think about getting luck.
So, the more your mind is accustomed to focus on your goals, the bigger the chances gets to reach it. Open your mind, think more about getting lucky and luck will become your friend. 🙂

People come and go in our lives, but the real ones stay.

People come and go in our lives, but the real ones stay.

I have seen a lot of people come and go in my life because of changes I have had in my life. Mostly because of my moving from the Caribbean to Europe. Later on because I got divorced and moved from one city to another one. I always loved to travel, so I never felt bad that I had to travel a long way to see my family and friends. It only made the feeling that I know I was going to meet again with them and spend some time with them stronger.

My family and and most of my friends live far away from me, but close enough to drive and visit them regularly. Because of the movements I also got to know a lot of new people, but I also lost people in my life. Not only because of the distance but also because of the divorce, some friendship did fall apart. I was the one that most of the time was visiting a lot of friends, untill I opened my eyes one day and realized that friendship means give and take on both sides. There should be a balance between friendship. I`m not even asking much but when it`s 2 to 10 than it`s not a healthy Friendship.
The strangest thing was that I started getting back old friends from way back when I used to live in the Caribbean. Just like that. For me it is like a blessing from God and it didn`t only make me happier, but also stronger.

I am very thankful for the persons that I still have in my life and for the ones that came back in my life. They really love me for who I am. I love being with them and communicating with the ones that I can`t visit. I learned that distance doesn`t even matter in friendship. It only makes it stronger and I also learned that the ones that I have in my life, that they are the real ones. As for the ones that left, I accepted that it was for them time to go and that I did the right thing letting them go.