People come and go in our lives, but the real ones stay.

People come and go in our lives, but the real ones stay.

I have seen a lot of people come and go in my life because of changes I have had in my life. Mostly because of my moving from the Caribbean to Europe. Later on because I got divorced and moved from one city to another one. I always loved to travel, so I never felt bad that I had to travel a long way to see my family and friends. It only made the feeling that I know I was going to meet again with them and spend some time with them stronger.

My family and and most of my friends live far away from me, but close enough to drive and visit them regularly. Because of the movements I also got to know a lot of new people, but I also lost people in my life. Not only because of the distance but also because of the divorce, some friendship did fall apart. I was the one that most of the time was visiting a lot of friends, untill I opened my eyes one day and realized that friendship means give and take on both sides. There should be a balance between friendship. I`m not even asking much but when it`s 2 to 10 than it`s not a healthy Friendship.
The strangest thing was that I started getting back old friends from way back when I used to live in the Caribbean. Just like that. For me it is like a blessing from God and it didn`t only make me happier, but also stronger.

I am very thankful for the persons that I still have in my life and for the ones that came back in my life. They really love me for who I am. I love being with them and communicating with the ones that I can`t visit. I learned that distance doesn`t even matter in friendship. It only makes it stronger and I also learned that the ones that I have in my life, that they are the real ones. As for the ones that left, I accepted that it was for them time to go and that I did the right thing letting them go.


2 thoughts on “People come and go in our lives, but the real ones stay.

    • I`m glad you found it useful Mimi! Thanks a lot for commenting and for visiting my blog. I discovered yours a few days ago thanks to Freshly Pressed and I really enjoy your writings. And I`ll sure go back to read some more. 🙂

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