Always remember how special you are.

you are special
Sometimes we don`t realize how special we are to another. When someone tells us we are special, it gives us a good feeling, but still.. Sometimes we do wonder what this word “special” really means.
One can try explaining this with words, but still, there are moments that even words we can`t explain how special someone is to us.
If I`m not wrong there are over 7 billion people in the world. Can you imagine that there is no one like you nowhere else in the world? This is already one of the most important reasons why each person is unique and very special! And not to forget that each of us have our own story which makes us also special.
People are special when they have their kindness shining out of their heart. Someone is special to us when they do respect one another, when they makes us smile, when they have something irreplaceable and something beautiful that even words can`t tell.
If these charasteristics are familiar to you then you know it: You are special to someone!

Saying goodbye.

saying goodbye

Living far away from my family and friends but close enough to visit them once in a while during the weekends, makes me lucky because I know there are others that doesn`t have this opportunity or the chance to do this with their loved ones.
Every time when I visit my people, the moments we spend together are short but powerful. Once I thought that one day I would get used to say goodbye. Well, with the time I learned that I will never get used to say Goodbye. In fact, it feels sometimes like being afraid not to see my loved ones again because of using this word “Goodbye”. It`s not one of my strong points.
Not long ago when I was visiting my mother, a friend we didn`t see for quite a while surprised us with a visit. There was a lot to catch up and we sure had lots of fun. After she left, my mom said those words:’ When she`s around it`s like she never left.” I was astonished by those words because at that moment I realized that those words my mom just mentioned had very big meanings.  
Since than everytime after each visit, whenever I`m leaving, I say “Goodbye” but with the intention of “untill next time”. So for me it`s always a way of saying we`ll meet again.
I know that nothing lasts forever because I have lost very special persons in my life, people I will always carry in my heart. But for those that I still have around me… everytime I say Goodbye I know I will meet them again and again.