Saying goodbye.

saying goodbye

Living far away from my family and friends but close enough to visit them once in a while during the weekends, makes me lucky because I know there are others that doesn`t have this opportunity or the chance to do this with their loved ones.
Every time when I visit my people, the moments we spend together are short but powerful. Once I thought that one day I would get used to say goodbye. Well, with the time I learned that I will never get used to say Goodbye. In fact, it feels sometimes like being afraid not to see my loved ones again because of using this word “Goodbye”. It`s not one of my strong points.
Not long ago when I was visiting my mother, a friend we didn`t see for quite a while surprised us with a visit. There was a lot to catch up and we sure had lots of fun. After she left, my mom said those words:’ When she`s around it`s like she never left.” I was astonished by those words because at that moment I realized that those words my mom just mentioned had very big meanings.  
Since than everytime after each visit, whenever I`m leaving, I say “Goodbye” but with the intention of “untill next time”. So for me it`s always a way of saying we`ll meet again.
I know that nothing lasts forever because I have lost very special persons in my life, people I will always carry in my heart. But for those that I still have around me… everytime I say Goodbye I know I will meet them again and again.

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