You`re perfect the way you are!


Today I had this conversation with a very kind lady I know. We met each other while we were both heading to a different destination. I always love talking to her because she has always this kind and relaxed voice and face and I can`t remember having seen her ever upset. We both love listening to eachothers stories, always short but fun. 
This time it was different `cause she looked a little sad and I was missing the fresh look she normally has. Some topics came up for discussion and than she mentioned she would like to be slimmer than she is now. I was about to ask her which overweight she was referring to `cause she looks gorgeous.
At that moment she said : “I know, everybody says I`m wonderful the way I am, but I don`t feel that way. And telling me I`m o.k. won`t make me feel happy.” So I changed the words on my lips and I told her the following: “I understand you. Than you should really strive for what you want to achieve and make sure you reach it so you can have peace with it. But can I be honest with you? Next time someone tells you you look great. Smile and you will feel happy. And by feeling happy you should know that you already started looking beyond your imperfections. I`m not saying that it will happen just like that, but there might be a moment you will discover that there`s nothing to strive for `cause it was always there or better say here. Your body, the body you have is the one in which you should be happy. You do look gorgeous and you`re a kind and wonderful person, so for me you are great the way you are! And I wouldn`t say those words to you if it wasn`t true.” After I said those words she smiled and mentioned that she never looked at it that way, she thanked me for the nice compliment and we said goodbye. It was a busy day today and from all the big happenings around me, I found this one the most special one.  
Later on, when I got home and turned on my laptop, I knew what I was I going to post today. Sometimes someone around you need to hear some kind words to cheer them up and to remember them that they are special.




Today will never come again.

todaywillnevercome again                      Being with good friends of mine last weekend, gave me the idea to write about this topic. Last Sunday it was snowing and the highway was at some places very slippery so I had to concentrate on the road and beware of the bad winter weather. Despite of all that, I discovered myself while driving, recalling all the fun we had had in that weekend. 

Having a full-time job, being a mom and spending time working out at least four hours a week to keep me healthy and feel good both psychically and mentally, I find my weekends very short sometimes. Well, to be honest I find them all too short! Especially when I know that I`ll be spending wonderful moments with my friends and family.
Last Friday I posted on my Facebook account, that I was going to double up my weekend. When I finally got home I realized that my trip back home took twice the normal time of what I should have driven. I laughed at the idea and thought “That`s what`s you get when you wish something crazy”. 
Despite the bad winter weather, I decided not to cancel my trip but to carry on so I could be with my friends. I wished to double up my weekend and that`s exactly how it felt ’cause we didn`t keep track of the time and we enjoyed every moment we had together. I left without thinking that it was too short this time and I didn`t give the bad weather a chance to ruin my weekend. 
So, I achieved what I wanted and now I can look back with a smile at that weekend knowing that on those days I did what I really wanted to do.When you want something to happen today, go for it and do it because tomorrow might be too late.

One perfect moment.

perfect (1)

There are lot of moments in someone’s life. Good ones, but also bad ones. The thing about moments is that they keep changing and they don`t last for long. I guess that`s why we call them moments. A bad moment can suddenly change into a good one or vice versa.
As you are the maker of your own moments it is possible for you to decide whether you make a particular moment perfect or not. You`re the one that experience that one second, so decide if you want it to be perfect or not. So pick a moment and make it perfect and don`t just wait for a perfect one because it won`t come to you.

Far away but Always on my mind.

always on my mindWhen we miss someone we somehow have this warm feeling inside us because we do have this person close in our heart. Consider this warm feeling as a recollection to how strong your friendship and your love is.

If you miss someone that`s very special to you, let them know and don`t keep it to yourself. It could contribute to meet again sooner, because the desire to see each other may be increased by both your feelings. If you are meant to be together with the person you miss, you`ll always find your way back to each other.

Adjust the Volume…

With courtesy of © Renae Rossman and Candy Coated Reality™ for her article on listening to one’s own inner guidance. A very truthful, inspiring and warm posting. Thank you Renae! 🙂


Einstein-quote-on-the-answers-coming-from-intuitionIn every moment, your life is speaking to you. Do you hear it? Sometimes it is ever so faint. Listen.  Most often, if you’re like me, we coast on auto-pilot. Numb, really. Simply going through the motions of everyday life, but what about when a thought simply pops into your head?? Sure, minds are designed to run non-stop with ideas, feelings, and more… But when something enters your mind out of nowhere, then it is not your thought. Pay attention!!!

Listen to your inner voice. ALWAYS. It is your BFF (best friend forever) for life. The quiet voice within NEVER lies. Never leads you astray!! Consider it your inner-warning system which is a combination of insight, intuition and instincts. Sometimes it is a feeling… Ever feel the hairs on the back of your neck rise? What about a cold chill for no particular reason? Other times an actual voice inside…

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Staying Happy!


Everyone has sad moments in their lives. That`s one thing in life that we need to accept. And it`s o.k. to be sad, because we are humans. But we can`t stay cheerless forever.
The art of getting yourself out of being stuck in those sad moments and staying happy, is by releasing those negative feelings. But how do you that?
I have experienced unhappy moments in my life and I have lost loved ones in my life. If someone would ask me what I did that made me start smiling again and how I stay happy, I would tell them the following:
Focus on the beautiful and happy moments that you have experienced before in life, because before the sad moments were created, there were lots of happy moments. Be thankful that you were given the opportunity to encounter those happy moments and tell yourself that you are blessed you had the possibility to experience all the wonderful feelings in you life.
Tell yourself that sadness won`t stay forever, it will fade away. And yes, of course you`re allowed to shed a tear when needed, because this is another way of making room for more happiness in your life. But waiting for those feelings to go away takes time, so instead of waiting for time passing by… You have got to release those moments and make space for happiness.
That`s how I fight my battle against the negative and sad feelings: I release them and I trade them in for happy moments. And I stay happy because I catch every new moment of happiness. And let me tell you, it`s a wonderful feeling.