Staying Happy!


Everyone has sad moments in their lives. That`s one thing in life that we need to accept. And it`s o.k. to be sad, because we are humans. But we can`t stay cheerless forever.
The art of getting yourself out of being stuck in those sad moments and staying happy, is by releasing those negative feelings. But how do you that?
I have experienced unhappy moments in my life and I have lost loved ones in my life. If someone would ask me what I did that made me start smiling again and how I stay happy, I would tell them the following:
Focus on the beautiful and happy moments that you have experienced before in life, because before the sad moments were created, there were lots of happy moments. Be thankful that you were given the opportunity to encounter those happy moments and tell yourself that you are blessed you had the possibility to experience all the wonderful feelings in you life.
Tell yourself that sadness won`t stay forever, it will fade away. And yes, of course you`re allowed to shed a tear when needed, because this is another way of making room for more happiness in your life. But waiting for those feelings to go away takes time, so instead of waiting for time passing by… You have got to release those moments and make space for happiness.
That`s how I fight my battle against the negative and sad feelings: I release them and I trade them in for happy moments. And I stay happy because I catch every new moment of happiness. And let me tell you, it`s a wonderful feeling.

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