Adjust the Volume…

With courtesy of © Renae Rossman and Candy Coated Reality™ for her article on listening to one’s own inner guidance. A very truthful, inspiring and warm posting. Thank you Renae! 🙂


Einstein-quote-on-the-answers-coming-from-intuitionIn every moment, your life is speaking to you. Do you hear it? Sometimes it is ever so faint. Listen.  Most often, if you’re like me, we coast on auto-pilot. Numb, really. Simply going through the motions of everyday life, but what about when a thought simply pops into your head?? Sure, minds are designed to run non-stop with ideas, feelings, and more… But when something enters your mind out of nowhere, then it is not your thought. Pay attention!!!

Listen to your inner voice. ALWAYS. It is your BFF (best friend forever) for life. The quiet voice within NEVER lies. Never leads you astray!! Consider it your inner-warning system which is a combination of insight, intuition and instincts. Sometimes it is a feeling… Ever feel the hairs on the back of your neck rise? What about a cold chill for no particular reason? Other times an actual voice inside…

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