One perfect moment.

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There are lot of moments in someone’s life. Good ones, but also bad ones. The thing about moments is that they keep changing and they don`t last for long. I guess that`s why we call them moments. A bad moment can suddenly change into a good one or vice versa.
As you are the maker of your own moments it is possible for you to decide whether you make a particular moment perfect or not. You`re the one that experience that one second, so decide if you want it to be perfect or not. So pick a moment and make it perfect and don`t just wait for a perfect one because it won`t come to you.


8 thoughts on “One perfect moment.

    • David I`m very happy with your great advise! Thank you very much. I hope it`s linked now. You can see that I`m a rookie on WP. I need to get a crash course a.s.a.p. 🙂 I guess it had to be that you would visit my blog to give me this tip and for me to get to know yours and read some wonderful sonnets yours. Thanks a Million David!

      • I am most happy I could offer this help. Yes, it appears to be linking properly now. Now it makes you much easier to find you if, when visiting someone’s site, you click “like” even if you do not leave a comment.

        Please do not hesitate to ask if you need such technical advice or help. hosting is limited as regards what can be done, particularly when completely free accounts are used, however there are some significant differences among theme selections which can to some degree circumvent this.

        Thank you very much for stopping by, as well. I do write a new sonnet everyday, however I found myself “out sick” and am backfilling a few days I missed last week.

      • Yes, David. I noticed that the free accounts have limited access. I`ll keep it in mind.. In case I might need some help I know where to find you. 🙂 I hope you`r feeling better now. Wish you a blessed wonderful week. 🙂

  1. This is beautiful…. I love stuff like this! I will try to get back more often to read more. Thanks for visiting my blog recently. I’ve been busy 24/7 with my mom in the hospital, now that they’ve moved her to acute rehab, I can’t sleep in the room so will slowly be catching up on sleep and reads! glad I found you! 😀 (and I didn’t know how to link to a gravatar either… I’f I haven’t accidentally done that, I might come back for advice 😀

    • I`m very sorry to hear about your mom being sick. I`ll pray for her to get better soon. At this moment she`s the most important person in your life and it`s good that you can be there with her. Your presence means a lot to her. Stay strong so and she`ll feel your strength, your presence and your love. I know it`s easy say but it helps sometimes. It`s very nice from you to despite the position you`re in now, that you replied on my post! 🙂 Thank you very much for doing that!! It means a lot to me. Sending you a lot of strength and don`t forget to catch some sleep. You really need it!

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