Today will never come again.

todaywillnevercome again                      Being with good friends of mine last weekend, gave me the idea to write about this topic. Last Sunday it was snowing and the highway was at some places very slippery so I had to concentrate on the road and beware of the bad winter weather. Despite of all that, I discovered myself while driving, recalling all the fun we had had in that weekend. 

Having a full-time job, being a mom and spending time working out at least four hours a week to keep me healthy and feel good both psychically and mentally, I find my weekends very short sometimes. Well, to be honest I find them all too short! Especially when I know that I`ll be spending wonderful moments with my friends and family.
Last Friday I posted on my Facebook account, that I was going to double up my weekend. When I finally got home I realized that my trip back home took twice the normal time of what I should have driven. I laughed at the idea and thought “That`s what`s you get when you wish something crazy”. 
Despite the bad winter weather, I decided not to cancel my trip but to carry on so I could be with my friends. I wished to double up my weekend and that`s exactly how it felt ’cause we didn`t keep track of the time and we enjoyed every moment we had together. I left without thinking that it was too short this time and I didn`t give the bad weather a chance to ruin my weekend. 
So, I achieved what I wanted and now I can look back with a smile at that weekend knowing that on those days I did what I really wanted to do.When you want something to happen today, go for it and do it because tomorrow might be too late.


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