You`re perfect the way you are!


Today I had this conversation with a very kind lady I know. We met each other while we were both heading to a different destination. I always love talking to her because she has always this kind and relaxed voice and face and I can`t remember having seen her ever upset. We both love listening to eachothers stories, always short but fun. 
This time it was different `cause she looked a little sad and I was missing the fresh look she normally has. Some topics came up for discussion and than she mentioned she would like to be slimmer than she is now. I was about to ask her which overweight she was referring to `cause she looks gorgeous.
At that moment she said : “I know, everybody says I`m wonderful the way I am, but I don`t feel that way. And telling me I`m o.k. won`t make me feel happy.” So I changed the words on my lips and I told her the following: “I understand you. Than you should really strive for what you want to achieve and make sure you reach it so you can have peace with it. But can I be honest with you? Next time someone tells you you look great. Smile and you will feel happy. And by feeling happy you should know that you already started looking beyond your imperfections. I`m not saying that it will happen just like that, but there might be a moment you will discover that there`s nothing to strive for `cause it was always there or better say here. Your body, the body you have is the one in which you should be happy. You do look gorgeous and you`re a kind and wonderful person, so for me you are great the way you are! And I wouldn`t say those words to you if it wasn`t true.” After I said those words she smiled and mentioned that she never looked at it that way, she thanked me for the nice compliment and we said goodbye. It was a busy day today and from all the big happenings around me, I found this one the most special one.  
Later on, when I got home and turned on my laptop, I knew what I was I going to post today. Sometimes someone around you need to hear some kind words to cheer them up and to remember them that they are special.




5 thoughts on “You`re perfect the way you are!

  1. I love this… it’s so true that so many women strive for what society views as perfection. It’s sad really because they are air-brushed. I’d probably look good too if I was airbrushed… LOL You gave her very good advice though and I hope you accepted that! 😀

    • You are funny! Saw your pictures and you look great so no need to be airbrushed!! 🙂 After I saw her smiling I was very satisfied. Thanks a lot for commenting and have a good day filled with lot`s of blessing for you and your family!

  2. Lovely. I don’t know why compliments make most of us uncomfortable – perhaps too much modesty or else a need to let everyone know that we are imperfect and know what we need to physically “fix” about our appearances. Nuts to that. It’s time to focus on the personality and the person underneath it all – surface beauty is short lived and not a great investment. A great personality is a much more worthy investment.

    • Exactly!! Those are the right words Cat! Thank you very much for commenting. 🙂 True beauty comes from inside! Real beauty shines from within! It`s a pity that sometimes we forget about that. That`s why it`s good to be reminded sometimes by receiving a compliment. I checked up your blog and saw a lot interesting topics, great! I`ll sure go back to read and see some more. Have a wonderfull weekend!!

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