We make our own luck.


There are people that are always in the right place at the right moment. Do they just get lucky all the time? 
I think those people stay positive and remain calm. They don`t focus on things they don`t see, but they pay attention to their environment. The “lucky ones” are patient, they smile more often and are open for new opportunities. When something goes wrong, they don`t fall into the negativity but instead, they remind their selves that it could have been worse.
So we have the influence on our own luck but we just need to know how to deal with it.

Today is a beautiful day!


Beautiful moments happen all the time. Waking up in the morning and looking out the window, on your way to work and while writing a note, a poem or a letter. Beautiful moments really happen all the time! During your walk in the woods, while running in the snow and when watching pictures. Even when the sun isn`t shinning, there is always something nice, no matter how small it is, that puts a smile on our face and remembers us that today is a beautiful day.

A little more than a year ago when my mom was very sick,when she went into a coma, every morning I would think about something nice that we used to do or jokes we used to make. Those memories made my day and gave me a lot of strength. So, being positive was my remedy to believe that is was a good day because my mom would wake up soon. And when it happened, when she woke up, the first moment she smiled, this kind of smile through all her tears, made not only that day special to me, but everyday. So no matter how bad a day seems, there`s always a moment that we can smile and enjoy our day.
We were given only one life to live, so we have to make the best of it and enjoy it before it`s over. So let`s make today a beautiful day, or even better, let`s make sure everyday is a good day!

Focus on people who makes you happy!

rosa azul2There`s plenty of good people in the world. But in spite of this it`s hard to know in advance if someone is really like they appear to be. For me being honest and respectful to others makes it very hard to know when not to trust someone. And I can`t even imagine why I would need to have doubt in anybody. I believe one can`t enjoy life if they have to live without trust.

When I discover that I`ve bumped my toe again on the same stone (the way I would say it), than I wonder if I shouldn`t start shrinking my world with people to trust and maybe start being hard to others. Than I get this voice asking me if I`m crazy to waste my time thinking about this person that just did hurt me. And then I see this sign when I start wondering if I don`t have anything better to do, like enjoying my time with people who really appreciate me and love me.
This sign that reminds me that I should never change in any aspect but stay the way I am. Those whose love is not real, those that dishonest me, or used me just to get that one particular information they needed or to get any advantage, it hurts but the pain fades away. I just need to enjoy being with the people that really cares about me. And just by thinking about that, makes me happy and makes me forget all the negativity around me.
“Embrace the snake and it will bite you.” Bulgarian Proverb.

Smile, dance and sing and you will be happy!


Ensure that everything you enjoy doing, gives you satisfaction and makes you happy. I used the word singing to display many other terms that could give you a lot of happiness. It could be any word, as long as it makes you happy. For example pleasure, cheerful, amused, joy, lovely, jolly, amazing and many others.

Singing itself is fun and it doesn`t only make you happy, but it also makes you healthier. Just do what your hearth desires and don`t worry whether other people do like it or not. As long as it gives you a good feeling! 

What`s delayed won`t run away.



As the years passed by I learned that it`s impossible to plan something and expect it to always happen just the way I did plan it, no matter how carefully I was. Sometimes unexpected things happened, and than I tended to see the road to my goals becoming longer. It wasn`t pleasant at all because just when I was about to become a success on something I was working on, something much more important would happen and than I would have to leave it aside. 

Learning by trying and failing is the most normal thing in the world and yes it takes time…. Lot`s of time. I learned not to see this as a failure! I did adjust the time and proceed, because what has been delayed won`t run away. And yes, I`m still learning a lot. I fall, I get up, sometimes I need more strength than another time but one by one I`m reaching my goals. And let me be honest, in the past some of my goals were changed during my journey. Yes, I also learned that it`s never to late too change your dreams. I can`t imagine I would be the only person that ever discovered that some of my goals weren`t just as I expected. You could call this a failure, but no, those are mistakes. And from mistakes we learn. I learned that goals should be realistic and achievable and therefor I had to make some changes and start over again, all the way from the beginning so I got delayed.  

You have the power to do what you want, so be determined to do it even if you have to fight against time. As long as we`re here we can achieve what we aim for. And sometimes we have to do some things over and over again but remember, it`s not the time that matters. It`s you being satisfied with what you`ve accomplished, no matter how many days, months, years and decades it took you to reach it.

delay wont run away