What`s delayed won`t run away.



As the years passed by I learned that it`s impossible to plan something and expect it to always happen just the way I did plan it, no matter how carefully I was. Sometimes unexpected things happened, and than I tended to see the road to my goals becoming longer. It wasn`t pleasant at all because just when I was about to become a success on something I was working on, something much more important would happen and than I would have to leave it aside. 

Learning by trying and failing is the most normal thing in the world and yes it takes time…. Lot`s of time. I learned not to see this as a failure! I did adjust the time and proceed, because what has been delayed won`t run away. And yes, I`m still learning a lot. I fall, I get up, sometimes I need more strength than another time but one by one I`m reaching my goals. And let me be honest, in the past some of my goals were changed during my journey. Yes, I also learned that it`s never to late too change your dreams. I can`t imagine I would be the only person that ever discovered that some of my goals weren`t just as I expected. You could call this a failure, but no, those are mistakes. And from mistakes we learn. I learned that goals should be realistic and achievable and therefor I had to make some changes and start over again, all the way from the beginning so I got delayed.  

You have the power to do what you want, so be determined to do it even if you have to fight against time. As long as we`re here we can achieve what we aim for. And sometimes we have to do some things over and over again but remember, it`s not the time that matters. It`s you being satisfied with what you`ve accomplished, no matter how many days, months, years and decades it took you to reach it.

delay wont run away

4 thoughts on “What`s delayed won`t run away.

  1. What a lovely post… I think I needed to stumble upon this and your blog, because time, goals and self-realization are all very actual and extant to me at this point of my life. I love how you said that “what has been delayed won`t run away”. I must think like this more often. I have been “wasting” time for the past two years and sometimes beat myself up for that, thinking about all the things I could have achieved in these two years. But then I force myself into thinking that those two years were like this for me to learn something, to learn to trust myself, to get to know myself better and to be consistent with my goals.
    And I agree – it is very normal and common, that our goals change along the way. I think this is just how it has to be – we as persons grow and change, so it is even necessary for our goals to change with us.

    Best of luck! 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for commenting. Like you said, the time “wasted” was a learning period. Some of us need more time to learn and that`s when we need a lot of patience and lots of enthusiasm. With a positive mind we`ll get there, despite we had to crawl our way to our goals. It might be stormy on the road, but the sun always shines above the clouds. 🙂

  2. That’s a great post. Indeed nothing is wasted if we learn from it, but sometimes we tend to forget that and we need such great writing to remind ourselves 🙂

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