Focus on people who makes you happy!

rosa azul2There`s plenty of good people in the world. But in spite of this it`s hard to know in advance if someone is really like they appear to be. For me being honest and respectful to others makes it very hard to know when not to trust someone. And I can`t even imagine why I would need to have doubt in anybody. I believe one can`t enjoy life if they have to live without trust.

When I discover that I`ve bumped my toe again on the same stone (the way I would say it), than I wonder if I shouldn`t start shrinking my world with people to trust and maybe start being hard to others. Than I get this voice asking me if I`m crazy to waste my time thinking about this person that just did hurt me. And then I see this sign when I start wondering if I don`t have anything better to do, like enjoying my time with people who really appreciate me and love me.
This sign that reminds me that I should never change in any aspect but stay the way I am. Those whose love is not real, those that dishonest me, or used me just to get that one particular information they needed or to get any advantage, it hurts but the pain fades away. I just need to enjoy being with the people that really cares about me. And just by thinking about that, makes me happy and makes me forget all the negativity around me.
“Embrace the snake and it will bite you.” Bulgarian Proverb.

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