We make our own luck.


There are people that are always in the right place at the right moment. Do they just get lucky all the time? 
I think those people stay positive and remain calm. They don`t focus on things they don`t see, but they pay attention to their environment. The “lucky ones” are patient, they smile more often and are open for new opportunities. When something goes wrong, they don`t fall into the negativity but instead, they remind their selves that it could have been worse.
So we have the influence on our own luck but we just need to know how to deal with it.

11 thoughts on “We make our own luck.

  1. Nadyess… bo ta creativo. Bo mes ta skirbi tur e poema nan? Great. Bo mente ta vloei ku material. Mi ju muhe tabata skirbi poesia hopi, pero e tin hopi tempo sin skirbi. E tabata bisa ayera ku poesia hopi biaha tabata vloei den su kaso ora e tabata tristu. Y tabata tin un anja ku ela pasa hopi down y poemas tabata vloei konstant, haha. Pero danki Dios e no ta down mas. Mi ta hanja ku e mester practica tog skirbi poemas alegre tambe.

    • Danki Lisette! Si, tur loke mi skirbi ta algo di mi mes ku mi a experencia. Pero mi ta lesa hopi tambe y esei ta dunami conocimiento 🙂 . Si un frase no ta dimi, mi ta pone es nomber di es autor. Den bida diariamente tin tanto kos ta pasa ku ta pesei nos por skirbi hopi..ta e mesun kos pa bo jiu. Mi ta contento ku tur kos ta bai bon awor y mi ta pensa ku si e kuminsa skirbi kos positivo e lo bira hasta mas contento. 🙂

  2. This is such a true blog post. I believe that life really is what we make it. If we think positively and encourage good things to enter into our lives, then good things will surely come. Just like the theory of attraction assumes. Luck is not something that just comes to the lucky ones but it will find the people who invite it. Have a good day!

  3. Exactly! And we the law of attraction should be used only for the positive side, so the chance to get more positive outcomes increases. Thank you very much for commenting and wish you a great week ahead!

    • I`m glad to hear about your father that he was such a lucky person and that you entered in his footsteps David! That`s wonderful! 🙂 Thanks a lot for commenting and have a splendid day!

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