The Liebster Blog Award.

A few days ago nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award.

A big thank you! It`s a great honor! award
You have a great blog and I always enjoy reading your posts.
Thanks again, I really appreciate your nomination
and I wish you a lots of fun with blogging.


I looked up the origin of the Liebster Blog Award and found out that it`s an award for upcoming bloggers with 200 or less followers from which a blogger think they really deserve a reward for their blogging. It`s a blog to blog award,  a nice way to get recognized in the Blog world. The word “Liebster”means “Dearest” or “Favorite” in German.

Rules of the Liebster Award:


1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and link back to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator, list 11 random facts about yourself and create 11 questions for your nominees.
3. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 11 bloggers who you feel deserve to be noticed. These blogs must have 200 followers or less. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been nominated by you.
4. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog. Post all the items listed in item 2 on your blog also.

My Responses to

1. What would be the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?
First I would give my people a little bit of it so they can treat themselves and I would buy a ticket a go to my roots for a while.
2. If you could live anywhere on earth (and take whomever you
wanted along)parawhere would it be?
Where my roots are: A small beautiful island in the Southern Caribbean, well known as Divers Paradise.
3. What do you admire most about yourself?
That despite my misfortunes in life I always manage to stay positive.
4. What would you most like to change about yourself?
I like myself how I am but if I really really needed to change something about myself just like that, I would get rid of those extra kilo`s at once! 🙂
5. What’s something that you’ve learned recently?
I recently followed a course with content of critical thinking and problem solving. It was very informative.
6. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Do I really have to answer this one? 😉 I`m thinking just now about this colleague cracking his knuckels… I don`t like the sound at all.
7. What are your three most favorite things to do?
I love being with my family and friends and having fun with them. I love travelling and exploring new cultures and as third love cooking!
8. What inspires you to write?
The writing always made me happy and now that I started blogging I get more and more inspired by all those wonderful, educational and lovely stories in the blog world.
9. Best book you’ve read recently.
A few weeks ago I read “The monk who sold his Ferrari” from Sharma. It was very inspiring.
10. If you could be extremely good at any one thing, what would it be?
I could make a nice dinner for all my friends and family make sure they enjoy and have a lot of fun together.
11. What are you waiting for?
Indeed! I`m ready to go! 🙂

My 11 Random Facts:

1. Cooking gives me lot`s of energy, inspiration
and makes me happy, especially whenfoto (33)
I see the people around me enjoying
my dishes.
2. Never say “no” to a new dish without trying `cause how else would you know what you could have missed? 🙂
3. Purple and cyan are my favorite colors.
4. I am very thankful for my son and the joy he gives me.
5. I love roses, especially red and pink ones`cause they express love and happiness.
6. I love music and love dancing.
7. I`d really love to visit Australia one day.
8. I like being in the city but I miss the smell of sea.
9. Can`t wait to visit my sunny island coming summer.
10. I love reading books.
11. I know I should make more time for my hobby painting.

And now… here are the nominees:

Congratulations to all of you ! I always enjoy reading your blogs and look forward to read some more of your great posts. 

My 11 questions for the nominees:

1. What do love the most about blogging?
2. What`s your favorite food?
3. What makes you very happy?
4. What`s the best book you ever read?
5. Where is your favorite vacation destination and why?
6. What`s you favorite season of the year?
7. What advice would you recommend a new blogger?
8. What made you happy today?
9. Who is the most important person in your life?
10. Is there anything you love to collect?
11.Who is your favorite historical person and why.


A heart filled with Gratitude.

A heart filled with Gratitude
Be happy with what you have and you`ll have a grateful life. Sometimes people want to get more than they already have in their lives. Sometimes we focus on the big things and forget about all the small wonderful things around us. As a result that we`ll never be satisfied with our lives. 
In my circle of friends I have two female friends who`s stories really correspond with gratitude. One of them has a lovely little kid, but she feels very unhappy in her marriage. In spite of that she`s dying to have a second child. She loves being with her kid but constantly talks about her desire instead of enjoying her time with her kid and being thankful for that. It`s sad to see that she can`t focus on this wonderful gift and be thankful to God for being lucky with this healthy and lovely child!  
My other friend is happily married to a wonderful man, has everything one can wish, including a nice family and good people around her that love her very much. But she wished for a long time for something she didn`t have: A child! To have a child of her own, but she can`t!
I have seen her suffering for a long time, so much sadness and no gratitude because of missing something in her life. But then this moment came where she started realizing she`ll never be happy again if she didn`t start focusing on what she already has. So she faced the truth and accepted that she need to go on with her life and focus on all the other wonderful things she has around her. It`s a wonderful feeling to see people being grateful to their lives and what they were given: I saw her getting her life back on track. It took long but it did, thanks to her heart filled with gratitude.
As for my friend who wants a second child while being in a unhappy marriage, I really wish she could be thankful with what she already has instead of focusing on what she doesn`t have. 
Be thankful to the life you have and you`ll live a grateful life!
“Gratitude and love are always multiplied when you give freely. It is an infinite source of contentment and prosperous energy.” Jim Fargiano

Forgive and you`ll be free.


Sometimes people make mistakes and hurt each other, most of the times without any explanation. Can we forgive those people and go one like nothing never happened? 

During my childhood I learned from my grandmother that I should always forgive people. When I think back I wonder why I never saw my Grandma angry. I still feel the energy flowing through my body as if she`s there with me and for me. And yes, I was lucky that she was a lot of times there for me. She was like an angel, she would come and save me from everything that would be harmful for me. She spoke a lot about forgiveness, most of the time when she couldn`t be there to protect me. She would say many times that I should always forgive my enemies when I would tell her that I was hurt by someone and therefor sad and angry. My Grandmother was always praying. Sometimes I could hear the words she was whispering. I could hear that she was asking God for forgiveness. I was confused because she was a good person, she would never hurt anybody, she wouldn`t talk bad about anybody, she would never interfere in ones business. So is it really necessary to ask for forgiveness when you`re a good person?

When someone did hurt me in the past, I preferred not to think about what my grandmother used to tell me, `cause I only wished for her not to see me sad or angry. I always hoped on moments like those that she would be busy watching over another grandchild while this one was being stubborn and not doing what was told the best to do: To forgive, feel free, happy and move on! But then the moment came when I decided to follow up her wise advice and forgive people around me. Her words worked, because I happen to be someone that can`t really carry a lot of unforgiveness with me. I`m bad with carrying hateful thoughts. It makes me restless and disturb my inner peace  I  prefer to “forget” fast and become happy again at once.  Getting stuck with feelings of unforgiveness is a big waste of our lives. When we forgive someone it feels good, `cause we feel relieved, free and ready to continue enjoying our lives.  

There`s one thing my grandma never told me, which I learned after forgiving people and being betrayed by the same persons more than once. It`s what John F. Kennedy once said: “Forgive your enemies but never forget their names”. There she goes again, the stubborn grandchild. But there`s a point here. You know better so you won`t make the same mistake next time.