A heart filled with Gratitude.

A heart filled with Gratitude
Be happy with what you have and you`ll have a grateful life. Sometimes people want to get more than they already have in their lives. Sometimes we focus on the big things and forget about all the small wonderful things around us. As a result that we`ll never be satisfied with our lives. 
In my circle of friends I have two female friends who`s stories really correspond with gratitude. One of them has a lovely little kid, but she feels very unhappy in her marriage. In spite of that she`s dying to have a second child. She loves being with her kid but constantly talks about her desire instead of enjoying her time with her kid and being thankful for that. It`s sad to see that she can`t focus on this wonderful gift and be thankful to God for being lucky with this healthy and lovely child!  
My other friend is happily married to a wonderful man, has everything one can wish, including a nice family and good people around her that love her very much. But she wished for a long time for something she didn`t have: A child! To have a child of her own, but she can`t!
I have seen her suffering for a long time, so much sadness and no gratitude because of missing something in her life. But then this moment came where she started realizing she`ll never be happy again if she didn`t start focusing on what she already has. So she faced the truth and accepted that she need to go on with her life and focus on all the other wonderful things she has around her. It`s a wonderful feeling to see people being grateful to their lives and what they were given: I saw her getting her life back on track. It took long but it did, thanks to her heart filled with gratitude.
As for my friend who wants a second child while being in a unhappy marriage, I really wish she could be thankful with what she already has instead of focusing on what she doesn`t have. 
Be thankful to the life you have and you`ll live a grateful life!
“Gratitude and love are always multiplied when you give freely. It is an infinite source of contentment and prosperous energy.” Jim Fargiano

6 thoughts on “A heart filled with Gratitude.

  1. Thanks for sharing this very valuable information. I am learning each day about the power of gratitude. It’s a simple formula…the more we express gratitude, the more reasons we will have to thankful : )

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    • Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful comment Joanna! It`s such a good feeling being thankful for what we have! No matter how small they are. And it`s such a good feeling that we have the opportunity to enjoy them. It`s a pity when people are obsessed with gratefulness. “Gratitude is a real treasure”. I wish you a wonderful week ahead filled with blessings, love and much more. 🙂

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