Dreaming is believing


A few days ago a friend of mine who`s facing a hard and sad period approached me and told me she fell in love with this beautiful song she was listening to and wanted me to listen to it. She was so excited and wanted to share it with someone and that someone happened to be me.
I didn`t even get the chance to tell her I was busy working on something important that had to be finished right away, `cause suddenly I felt to those earphones in my ears and I there I was, surrounded by this song called “I Made It Through The Rain” from Barry Manilow, from his 1980 album “Barry”. This song is about people having a hard time, going through it and afterwards when they have better times they look back: They made it through the “rain”. 
The words in this song are very beautiful and I know my friend is having difficult moments and she`s doing all her best to over-win all the negativity and reach her goal so she can look back and triumph. I know she likes to think and dream away a lot. It makes her feels good and she forgets all the bad things around her. 
I felt a little ashamed `cause my first thought was “I don`t have time for this now”! At first thought I didn`t wanted to be interrupted.  
She asked me if I liked the song. I answered: “It was as if you pulled me out of this world and pushed me in a world full of words and sounds! Words that were written by you! I felt your sadness and your suffer in this song.”
She left and I proceeded with my job, but apparently the words touched me more than I expected `cause I wasn`t as focused anymore as I was before. I opened my mailbox and started writing her a message. 
“Dear friend,  Let me tell you what I think and how I hope you`ll listen again at this song when you`re in better times in your life. I wrote those words out of the words that stayed in my mind to put a little more focus on the moment you`re enjoying you`re life again to the fullest. Because I know that you will make it! Your time of sadness will pass and joy and happiness will take control.”
Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.”  Quote by Walt Whitman



Being thankful to someone.

letsomeone know they are special
Isn`t it beautiful, the idea of what a few words of appreciation can mean for someone?
As always I write from my point of view. Yes, I have experienced this feeling so many times…the feeling of someone making me smile just because of some words of appreciation, because of some help I needed with something or just because someone made me laugh when I needed a smile.
It`s such a good feeling when I`m being spoiled by people close to me and I certainly am very thankful that I can experience lots cheerful moments like those. And as wonderful as someone makes me feel, I always think it`s very important telling them back how much I appreciate what they do for me and how special they also are to me. I don`t know if it`s something they see on my face but somehow they understand the words and I see happiness and joy on their faces and subsequently, that makes me even more grateful! 
From time to time it`s good to tell someone how much you appreciate what they do for you. It can be a friend, but also a colleague or your parents or your kids ( if you have kids), your teacher or a neighbor. You can show gratitude to anyone at anytime `cause there`s always, but always something to be thankful to.
The good thing I learned about appreciation is that it doesn`t only make you happy but it also makes you stronger, stronger in a way of becoming more positive, more motivated, more successful and fearless.
A thankful heart
“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
Quote by Marcel Proust


Tomorrow will be a better day.

tomorrow is a good day
Be grateful you learned something today that you won`t be doing tomorrow and be confident that this day won`t take control over your tomorrow.
You won`t get the time you already used back so make it count. Forget about all the bad things, don`t worry too much, be true to yourself and forgive so you can move on.
You`ll be able to move beyond the past and today`s pain will fade away, while tomorrow will be waiting for you to celebrate a beautiful new day with a stronger you! A new day will be waiting for you to live the life you want to live. A day filled with love and  happiness! The day that wasn`t beautiful doesn`t exist anymore!