A “no worries” attitude.

no worries

What we do in the present shapes our future. Our past is the key to our present but also the key to our future. If you live in the present your life will be balanced and healthy.
Too many times we give our minds the chance to focus and worry about negativeness, instead of accepting that what has happened cannot be changed and focusing on the present. 
A life free of worries is about accepting life like it is and being optimistic. A life free of worries is about accepting all what happened in the past, living and enjoying every moment in the present. If you can have that “don`t worry too much” attitude your life can be more optimistic and happier.

Don`t worry

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” Buddha


Having a rich life full of happiness.

Having a rich life full of happiness

The fact that we have little money doesn`t have to mean that you are poor. We can be rich without being wealthy.
If you have a family that loves you, if you have good friends (doesn`t need to be a dozen, one good friend is already enough) around you and if you feel healthy, you are rich! 
If you can hear the birds outside singing, enjoy the sunset and admire the colors of the sky… If you can enjoy all those things in nature that are free, you are a rich person!
Of course having a lot of money could also make you happy, but only to the point where you get to live comfortable and be able to buy and do anything you want without having to worry about the consequences. This way of being rich won`t increase your well-being. This is not the most important factor.  It`s satisfaction, living with good thoughts and being grateful for all you have around you that brings you joy! And those are the factors that give you a rich life full of happiness. 
I started counting several times but I never finished, `cause each time I start counting I get very excited just by knowing that having the ability to count so many positive factors, makes me happy knowing that I`m that rich! 🙂

I am the architect of my own future.

The architect of my future

Believe in yourself. Follow your dreams and let them come true. No one else can built your future for you. If you handle like your actions are the compass for the right direction to your dreams and if you don`t let anything or anyone mislead you from going into the right direction, you can make it.

Make sure your actions points into the right direction. Don`t let anyone or anything make you believe you can`t make it. Don`t let ideas that could let you start doubting on your future plans, reach your mind. And above all, don`t let any negative influences get close to you heart. You certainly don`t want your beliefs to be influenced by negative ideas from others.


I have to admit that in the past days I was disappointed in myself because of some negativity around me which made me forgot into which direction I was going. I always hear from people that I have a positive attitude and maybe they are right, but that word isn`t  just enough to always stay positive. “Focus” might be the word I lost track on in my mind. I got distracted and I forgot that I`m the one that decide about what happens to my future and no one else! That`s when I forgot to listen to my heart and started focusing on what others would say and think. But thanks to the wonderful people around me like my son, my friend, my brothers, the beautiful sunshine and all other positive factors around me I experienced in the past few days, I opened my eyes and decided not to let anything changing my heart anymore from pointing into the right direction.

Sometimes things happens around some of us which makes us loose our faith and makes us doubt. Those things, whatever they might be, sometimes appear to be powerful than words. This only happens only when we give them the chance to be, which is a pity ’cause that`s when we forget about our dreams and that`s when we stop building on our futures and loosing time with being sad and confused. But when words and thoughts have spiritual forces coming out of our heart, then they are much more powerful and they help us align our hearts back into the right direction. And then we move on, being the architect of our own future.