Having a rich life full of happiness.

Having a rich life full of happiness

The fact that we have little money doesn`t have to mean that you are poor. We can be rich without being wealthy.
If you have a family that loves you, if you have good friends (doesn`t need to be a dozen, one good friend is already enough) around you and if you feel healthy, you are rich! 
If you can hear the birds outside singing, enjoy the sunset and admire the colors of the sky… If you can enjoy all those things in nature that are free, you are a rich person!
Of course having a lot of money could also make you happy, but only to the point where you get to live comfortable and be able to buy and do anything you want without having to worry about the consequences. This way of being rich won`t increase your well-being. This is not the most important factor.  It`s satisfaction, living with good thoughts and being grateful for all you have around you that brings you joy! And those are the factors that give you a rich life full of happiness. 
I started counting several times but I never finished, `cause each time I start counting I get very excited just by knowing that having the ability to count so many positive factors, makes me happy knowing that I`m that rich! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Having a rich life full of happiness.

  1. Beautifully said. We should always be grateful for everything that we have, our life is not defined by the amount of money that we have, but by the other great and wonderful things and people we are blessed to have. Great post Nadyess!

  2. Net ayera mi tabata bisa mi ju mayor kon riku mi ta sintimi di tin dos ju asina presioso, y awe mi ta lesa esaki! Haha.

    • Tur kos ta pasa ku un razon awel mester ta ku bo tambe tabata den mi pensamento, sin ku mi a ripara. 🙂 Awel si, sigur ku si bo curason ta jen di rikesa dor di junanan. Pasa un felis atardi/anochi!

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