The Inner Peace Award.


I`m very honored and grateful to receive the Inner Peace Award from Wendell at
Wendell has a very inspiring and beautiful blog. He inspires with his heart and spirit and writes in a way he touches your heart in many ways.  Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful thoughts, your peaceful and kind words with the blogworld. I always enjoy reading your posts, so keep inspiring me.

 “One should have peace with themselves. If one is has peace, peace will be given to others. That`s how inner peace is being reached.”

Of course I would like to honor everyone with this award, so I dedicate it to all that read this because together we all make a wonderful blogging world on Word Press. 
Thank you all for visiting, for the follows, thank you for commenting and thank you very much for being the wonderful persons you all are. I write what comes from my heart and I`m honored that you do like what I write from my real life experience. 

 I`ve chosen a few bloggers from which I think it’s well worth a visit on their blogs. They inspire me with their posts in their own unique way and it`s wonderful to see that there`s a lot of peace, relaxation and inspiration on their blogs;

Congratulations to all of you and may you continue to share the inner peace and love.
Summer, thanks again for your kind words and for sharing the peace.

Peace already exists in each of us

16 thoughts on “The Inner Peace Award.

    • Thank you very very much! My first reaction was:”How could I not add your link( even though I mentioned that I dedicate it to everyone)?” I really really love your blog, always filled with love and peace and a high dose of motivation…And of course also with nice jewelry. 🙂 So, I hope you don`t mind I updated the post and if you look very carefully…. 🙂

      • You’re welcome!

        As a matter of fact, I saw this new award in your lovely post and I was thinking ‘aww….a new award…inner peace…kungfu panda 2…love it!’

        And then what…I spotted our URL as I scrolled down…my eyes brightened up instantly!!! 😀 😀


        Have a great day ahead, always~ Cheers!!!!! 😀

  1. Congratulations on your Peace Award and for extending it to me also. Masha Danki. Baya Danke, Gracias, Merci, Bedankt, Thank You, Obrigada,

  2. Oh Nadyess, you are such a sweetheart! I am very honored and will most certainly try to get it done just as soon as I can. With time being so limited, it may take me a while, but I promise to try! 😀 Too bad you can’t give it to yourself… Your blog is always so inspiring and fantastic! 😀

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