Live the life you really want.

Live out your dreams
If you fear the unknown. Don`t let it over win you, no matter how easy the words “I can`t  do this” or “this is too much for me” may sound. But should you choose for something else than choose for what you truly want just because you fear the unknown or because just you listen to what other people say? Prefer to follow your dream and take the road where the right path goes, `cause eventually there will always be changes. Look at the changes as lessons and not as problems and see those changes as a way to grow and to get things done in another or even better way.
There is always a weak spot that others notice and unfortunately, sometimes people might use that weak spot against you. Don`t allow them to do that! It`s your life so create it as you want it to be!
Lately I have dealt with moments in which I had the possibility to say easily “no” to some choices made in my life, but instead, I walked away from those situations blocking my way to them. I had people on my path discouraging my decisions. Luckily they are not in my family circle (my family is the most important thing in my life).That`s the moment a lot of questions popped up in my mind; Who am I doing it for? Who`s dream is it? Am I affecting others by living my own life? Am I dependent from others to achieve my dreams? It makes me realize that I`m the only one that can stop myself from living the real life I want. 
So, I opened my eyes and decided that I should stick on the road! And the outcome of my persistence gave me a big relieve and gave me so much power, that I now feel ready to take more steps towards the rest. 
I love my life already like it is and I am thankful for the people I have very close to me, that love me and care about me and wishes the very best for me. I wouldn`t dare to do anything that would affect them in a bad way. I`m very blessed to have them in my life and when I live out my dreams, I take them with me.  I think people should do everything they wish to do, as long as it doesn`t affect others in a bad way. And, it`s never too late to create the life you really want and to live out your dreams right now!

4 thoughts on “Live the life you really want.

  1. Yes, you are correct my friend! Btw…I’ve managed to create my first bracelet (from scratch) today and it is really something that I never thought I would do if I’ve not made that life-changing decision during one year ago. So, just wanting to share this joy with you after reading this post.

    Thank you for this lovely and insightful article.

    Have a lovely day ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀

    • Wow That`s great! You see ..Thanks to the change you made last year you got the chance to experience today a dream come true! I`m sure it`s a wonderful feeling. Can`t wait to see the outcome. 🙂 Hope you have a great day and lots of fun! 🙂

      • Yes, my friend….just like what I’ve received from my facebook app “message from God” telling me to just enjoy the uncertainties faced in life…

        The bracelet is for my baby sis who has a very small wrist and it is very difficult for her to get a chain bracelet outside without having any alteration made.

        Only after finishing making it I realized how short the bracelet is in order to fit her wrist…LOL….

        Will make a post on this soon but for today, I am going to enjoy reading blogs…hehe..

        Take care & Cheers!!! 😀

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