Give someone a smile!

Give someone a smile

Recently I underwent a surgery that finally took place after it was aborted on the initial date. Afterwards it was postponed again to another date because of emergencies and so it went on until I was done with the whole happening.
Although there was highly need for me to undergo the surgery I became exhausted by all the uncertainty about the date, the different people that treated me and all the complicated medical questions I had to answer. At one point I had no more sense to undergo the surgery, only thinking about it made me very nervous and grumpy.
So finally the big day came! As soon as I went through the door of the hospital I was received with a smile by an assistant. I felt my anxiety level dropping down. And than again another smile followed and another one… and suddenly it was all gone! I was relaxed!! I felt like a little girl in a candy store. Well, a candy story full of needles but o.k. even that I did survive on that day thanks to all those beautiful people that treated me so well. 
I felt like I got lot`s of gifts on that day. Gifts in the shape of real smiles. And whenever someone asks me about my surgical experience on that day, the biggest part of my conversation is about how friendly they were to me. 
And I`m grateful that in spite of the position I was in, I got the opportunity to feel happiness in a moment like that, thanks to the smiles I received in that clinic. 
“A little smile can really make a big difference.”

Only allow good memories in your heart.

Only allow good memories in your heart

In reality you can`t really get rid of bad memories but at least you will be able to accept that they occurred, look at the positive side of them and allow the good parts to stay in your heart. That`s the point where you`re in peace with yourself. Sharing memories with others also gives you enlightenment and makes you feel “lighter” and even happy. Allow it to happen and you`ll notice that also sharing makes you happier. Don`t let bad memories stay in your heart. They may become worse than they were before and may have bad effects in your life. In reality not all memories do have a positive outcome, so for those that don`t, remember that you have to keep looking ahead instead of sticking in the past, look forward and focus on the positive experiences.


“I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.” 

Anne Frank, The Diary of a young girl.