Only allow good memories in your heart.

Only allow good memories in your heart

In reality you can`t really get rid of bad memories but at least you will be able to accept that they occurred, look at the positive side of them and allow the good parts to stay in your heart. That`s the point where you`re in peace with yourself. Sharing memories with others also gives you enlightenment and makes you feel “lighter” and even happy. Allow it to happen and you`ll notice that also sharing makes you happier. Don`t let bad memories stay in your heart. They may become worse than they were before and may have bad effects in your life. In reality not all memories do have a positive outcome, so for those that don`t, remember that you have to keep looking ahead instead of sticking in the past, look forward and focus on the positive experiences.


“I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.” 

Anne Frank, The Diary of a young girl.



10 thoughts on “Only allow good memories in your heart.

  1. Hey, Nadyess… Mi tabata pensa riba bo awe ku mi no a mirabo post hopi dia y ma bin buska, luga ta ami a miss e ultimo post aki. Mi ta trahando riba pone mal memoria un banda! Nan ta afekta hende berdat!’

    • Awel Lisette, Mi a skirbi hopi pero mi a hanja nan muchu pisa pa pone riba WP, dor ku mi a pasa den algun kos pisa den es lunanan aki y mi ta haciendo todo lo mejor pa concentra solo riba es kosnan positivo y pa sigui ku mi plannan. Por ta despues mi pone algun pero solo despues ku nan ta bon hinka den otro. Mi ta rekuperando di un operacion tambe ku mi a kere lo a kura mas lihe pero mi kurpa tin poder y mi mester accepta esei. Ta net mi tabata skirbiendo un parti di mi dagboek pero den chikitu, di loke tabata mas positivo na mi operacion. Ta manera bo di. Pensamento malu tin es abilidad di pone nos lubida tur loke ta bon, pero no! Nos mester keda concentra riba loke ta bon y kon chicitu esei ta mi a ripira ku e ta dunabo hoi forsa! 🙂

      • Pronto rekuperashon, Nadyess. No ta leuk pa ta held back paso e kurpa no ta funshona manera e mente ke. Mi lo lesa mas despues, dus, ora bo post.

  2. Reblogged this on Clouds N Cups and commented:
    Bad memories may serve as many good reminders for not repeating bad/unnecessary histories in life; but if we were to let them rule the head for too long, we might find difficulties in taking the next step in creating another good memory.

    I am glad to be able to read this post once again to remind myself of this point.

    A big THANK YOU to this lovely soul for sharing her enlightening thoughts with us in her lovely blog ‘THE BEAUTY OF WORDS’.

    Words are only alphabets, we are the ones choosing to turn them into a beauty or a beast.

    Have a great week ahead with many opportunities to create more good memories to add to our happy lists.

    Till then,

    Cheers! ☺

    • It’s true, we do learn from our mistakes but we shouldn’t let them rule our head. Wise words! 🙂 I always enjoy reading your comments and of course all your posts on your lovely blog, so thank very much visiting and for you positive feedback. 🙂 Also thanks for the wonderful wishes and I wish you too a wonderful and blessed week filled with great and new opportunities. 🙂

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