Listen to your body!

Listen to your body
I recently learned another lesson. To listen to both my body and my mind. When they say “Stop we need a brake!”, I should slow down and give them both some rest. In the last months I rarely did that. After my surgery I even started working sooner than I should have. Not good but sometimes when we have so many obligations, we forget about ourselves.

Of course my body and I have always been together so we know each other already for a long time and it`s not the first time this happens, but I think I`ve continuously asked too much from my body. Not only my mind and body learned something new about me, but also all the lovely people around me that were angry with me, or my son who told me he won`t be talking me with me for one day if I don`t listen and get some rest. They learned that I`m very stubborn and l kept having clashes on this topic until they were exhausted.

Afterwards the situation made me smile `cause I should admit that sometimes I forget how much people do care for me. 

I decided to take the brake my body needed. And where could be the best place to give my body some rest and relax? Where my roots are! I had a wonderful time and I`m back now in Europe but all I can think of is the time of relaxation over there. I learned my lesson and I realized that overworking and not resting is also a part an unhealthy life, but I got the best therapy ever! My roots opened my eyes and I`ll hold on to that for sure. 
So, when your body needs a brake, give it to him! There are many ways to do that. You just have to find the balance.


2 thoughts on “Listen to your body!

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to learn to ask for or even accept help with things… especially when we need that rest & time away. I know… LOL. I’m so glad you were finally able to do that, remembering who we are and where we’re from can have a very calming effect upon our Souls. It’s very good to have you back, tho I am still in and out, as I have my mom to take care of, I’m trying to take some time off and help my daughter get ready for her wedding next month. LOL (She is getting stressed out bad) 😀

    • You are totally right Keli! It felt like I never was away when I got there. The tranquility, the kindness of the people, the memories..lot`s of nice memories…Going back there even opened my eyes in many ways. It really did! So after I got back I made some tough but good decisions based on the fact that I got remembered what my values are. Hope you`ll manage to help your daughter getting ready for the wedding. Take over some stress from her. 😛 Well I`m sending you a little bit of my ‘relaxness’ to you so you can share with her. 🙂 But save some for yourself too. I hope once in a while you have your moments to take some rest. Have a blessed and wonderful weekend Keli!

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