Give love everyday!

Give Love Everyday
There are so many ways of spreading love and happiness to our loved ones. While I’m writing this post, I see that there are only a few minutes left and then we’ll have to wait for another year for this day called Valentine’s Day to come again. 

Thinking back of the messages and calls I got today, from which some really surprised me, I got the affirmation that I need to admit that there is something very special about this day. 
Today during a conversation regarding Valentine’s Day, I mentioned like I always do “I think that everyday should be Valentine’s day. So why would I wish a special day to be there if every day can be special?” I think I got punished because during the day I got overwhelmed with wonderful messages, more than I was used to get. My busy aunt from Italy sent me this beautiful card and special message and later on after we talked to each other, I only felt more blessed to have her as my aunt. My brother in Spain also knew a good way to surprise me…and so on. 
The good thing about love is that it has this “bounce back” effect, so you’ll get love back in return. If it’s not meant to be, then of course it won’t work but then it’s not real love and this post is about real love.  
A hug, a few words of love, remembering the first kiss, those kind of things can fill one’s heart with so much love, that it will last longer than you could imagine. 
So, my conclusion is that on Valentine’s Day, lots of extra love have been shared! And after this special day is gone, love will still be spread every other day as if it’s everyday Valentine’s day. 🙂



20 thoughts on “Give love everyday!

      • Thank you! I’m enjoying the last hours of the weekend right now. I only wished it wouldn’t past so fast, but I’m glad to know there’s always another weekend coming up. 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!

      • You’re welcome, my friend!

        Glad to know that you’ve enjoyed those lovely hours to their fullest..hehe..

        Have a wonderful day ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀

      • Sherri, I’m honored by your nice words. Thank you so much for visiting and taking your time commenting on my post. I really appreciate it. I regret I didn’t have much time for blogging due to some changes in my life and the loss of some special family members. It’s part of life but still it can be very painful. And that’s exactly why people should always give love to each other. ‘Cause when a loved on is gone, the wonderful moments gives us strength and peace in our hearts. That’s exactly what I feel now. Wishing you a beautiful and Blessed Sunday.:)

      • Nadyess, I am really so sorry for your losses. I understand completely, The pain stays for a long time.
        As you said Nadyess, it is part of life to loose ourr loved ones, but it doesn’t make it any easier..
        My whole family brrother sister mom dad cousins and it goes on and on…I hope someday I see them again. I pray for that. I am sure you do to.
        God Blessl You Dear Nadyess.
        Thank you for your beautiful blog and letter

      • I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost so many loved ones Sherri. I’m sure you carry lots of beautiful memories from all of them in your heart for the rest of your life. I believe that one day we’ll be together with all those that left us. Thanks again for your warms words. Sending you lots of blessings your way.

      • Hi there, Thank you so much for your nice comment. I hope you’re doing much better right now. Take good care of yourself and have a lovely and blessed day! 🙂

  1. Hi Nadyess.
    You are right about love. I reply your comment at my post, associated with this post, as follows:
    About true love, I ever post: 72. Not Long Lasting | hilalachmar at:

    Sure, we have a lot in common, is seeking to approach the real truth. I understand, that, love is always influenced by lust. It must be so, in order that the human race is not extinct. However, love should not be used as a tool to achieve the lust goal. You are right, we have to separate the two. Love will not last a long time, love will turn into responsibility as in my post above. I am happy to meet with you, I hope your post about true love, gave benefits to many people … 🙂 Hilal Achmar

    • Thank you very much for your kind comment Hilal. I just checked out your post and I liked it. The thing with love is that it’s a combination of several things together and one of them is responsibility, just like you mentioned in your message and in your post. And when you start adding more things like respect, trust and knowledge… I have to say from my experience that love lasts forever when it’s true. But of course, Love is different for everyone. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting and I wish you a blessed weekend.

    • Dear Mihran, I feel honored knowing my post touched your heart. I’s such great feeling to give or get love everyday. No matter if it’s on a happy or sad day, love makes us always strong. Thank you so much for your kind words and for your visit! Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday! 🙂

      • Should I caul Nadyess? You have such beautiful words, rich with its meaning, your approach is very elegant. Your poems sounds to me a piano lyrics. If you could email me one of your poems I can add piano melody. Here is my email address:

        Have a wonderful Sunday!

      • Yes of course you may Mihran! 🙂 It’s always nice to get such compliments about my post. Especially because English is not my native language. So I’m always hoping my messages reach the wonderful readers exactly the way I mean it. And afterwards, getting the affirmation that it did.. makes me so happy! 🙂 Thank you very much for your offer. I’ll make soon use of it. Wishing you a blessed and happy week! 🙂

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