I carry your heart with me.

You have my heart . jpg

This morning I wrote a poem for my Mom because I wanted to give her something today, something special, words, on this day that she’ll bring her Beloved brother and my Dearest Uncle to his last resting place.
When I started writing I remembered a few words from a few poems I read yesterday, just like my Uncle would say, that his heart is ours. I decided to use those words ’cause that’s what I wanted her to remember about him.

I know it’s part of life. I know it is, everybody knows that! But still, everytime we lose a loved one, every time we see someone we love in sorrow, it hurts.
But we need to remember that we’re never alone. Our loved ones that left us, are in our hearts, they are at our side. We need to accept that God wants it to be that way.

Forgive me that my post has a lot of sadness in it this time, I hope you see the positive part of it and thank you very much for reading.



15 thoughts on “I carry your heart with me.

  1. You have my deepest condolences! Even if you know it’s coming, it’s still makes our hearts weep. I’m sure your mom loved your beautiful gift! Sending prayers & positive energy your way ~

    • Keli, What a nice surprise. It’s such a long time ago since we met on WP. Thank you so much for words of sympathy. They really are of great comfort to me. My mother indeed loved the words we gave her ( I gave it in the name of my brothers also) and I’m sure it will help her to go through the grieving process a little bit. Thank you for visiting even being so busy( I read your last post and I know how busy you are helping others and especially your mother, God bless you! People with a good heart like you are rare.) and I wish you a blessed and nice day!

    • Wow! Thank you so much for your heartwarming words.You should know that I really appreciate your thoughts. It’s true that with support of beautiful people like you and friends and family we can go through, so thank you again. 🙂 I thank God everyday that I still have my Mom. In the past days I made her laugh so I really feel blessed. Wishing you a wonderful evening.

  2. Nadyess, this is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read…it touched me, as I read it! I am so sorry for your loss, but the love within your words brings a lasting happiness and not sadness. My son Ian died on Mothers day 27 years ago at nine months old, always a tough time for me the month of May but also happy because I spent so much quality time with him. I can feel that from your words that you also did with your uncle. Those memories strengthen and inspire us. Your words inspire me. You are always a blessing, again…a truly lovely poem my sister. Spiritual hugs, love, and blessings always!

    • Dear Wendell, I’m so sorry to hear about the great loss of your son years ago. That’s one of the worse loss there is losing your son. My sincere thoughts and prayers goes out to you and your family. May you heart be healed with the love you shared with your son. I feel very honoured knowing that those words written from my heart inspired you in this and happy to know you felt also the happiness in it, not just the sadness. You are right, It’s the beautiful memories and moments that strengthen us and inspire us… They keep us going. Thank you very much much for your kind and beautiful words and let me send you a BIG smile for you and your family. 🙂 Have a blessed and wonderful weekend Wendell!

    • Mihran, Thank you very much for your kind words. At the time I wrote this post my heart was filled with sadness. I’m glad you liked it. Also thank you for the follow and I wish you a wonderful and blessed evening.

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