You make your own Good Luck!

You make your own Luck

Some say you don’t seek for luck but it’s luck that seeks for you. In some cases it could be right, but I think that if I would always sit and wait for luck to reach me, I would have to wait for ages.
Sometimes we search and try many things but we don’t tend to find our good luck. But apparently we’re not focusing good enough on the small details. We tempt to be inpatient and that’s how we reach the stress zone and tend to make the wrong choices that can take us further away from our luck.   
Luck can be find even in little tiny details, but don’t just focus on too much things at the same time. Grab the ones you know will bring you the most of joy and hold on them tight. Helping others for example will help you find your good luck for sure, without even seeking for it. Because you always get something nice back, just when you didn’t expect it. 
Having a good plan is also a way of getting good luck, ’cause how can you start something if you don’t even have a idea on what you’re doing and wherefore you’re doing it. Once you have a good plan, start seeking for Good luck and you’ll find it. Your plan doesn’t need to be perfect and neither do you, but stay focused and allow the mistakes to strengthen you and lead you to your luck. Because it’s you that make you own luck and it’s always at your side.
Make you own good luck
Just one of my experiences I’ll carry with me
me my whole life
remembering me how to find my own luck.

7 thoughts on “You make your own Good Luck!

  1. Hey Nadyes!!!!! Konta!!! This is me, Lisette… Yesterday I changed my profile picture and username and the web address to go with my new user name, not realizing it could cause all my followers to lose me. So… this is me all over again… Content and topic remain the same. Teaching others on how to hear God and sharing my own personal journey with the Lover Of My Soul. If you still enjoy the posts, you can follow here now. 🙂 Keep up the good work always. Blessings…

  2. Oh shon!!! Hopi anja!! Awo ami tin suerte di hanjabo atrobe!!! Hopi brasa amiga… Sigi skirbi. Ami mes a tuma un break tambe di kasi 2 luna!! Tabata dificil pa hanja focus bek, pero algun a kuminsa puntra ta ki falta awel ma hasi un esfuerso. Pasa un dushi dia!!!! Brasa!!!

    • Masha danki, Awel mi tin precies meskos kubo. Y ayera mi a dicidi di skirbi algo ku lo mi post awe. Mi brake ta mas largu, pero mester pasa frontera y sigi dus… 🙂 Pabo tambe un brasa y un felis diadomingo!

    • You’re very welcome Christy! Glad to know you liked my posts. Thank you so much for your wonderful and warm comment, for reading and I wish you blessings of peace and love! 🙂

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