Letting go is the start of a new life.

Letting go isn't the end of the World, it's the start of a new life
I have written so many interesting and wonderful stories in the past months, but couldn’t post none of them because of one topic controlling my life. How could I post something different while having this one topic influencing my mind and my life constantly? Today I finally decided to write about it and to post it without making any use of the writings I did before as they were too long and too much in details.
There comes a time when without wanting and without noticing we lose our strength. What happened with all those positive thoughts I used to have? They started fading away, like smoke.
Something I really never thought about reached me a few months ago. If I say I’m a mother of an 18 year boy the chance is very big that you know exactly what I`m referring to. Yes, The little child isn’t there no more. In fact, the big boy is even somewhere out there in big Europe discovering the world.
I needed some time to accept and to let go of my son and it didn’t take a day or a week for me to reach that point, but months.

So, was it that bad and that hard to let go? I would almost say it was, but ultimately it’s not. There is this one moment in life when we all have to “leave” and then we’ll never come back. That for sure is the hardest moment. So, My answer is that it’s really not that difficult.
In order to think like, that I first had to remember how many loved ones I lost that I’ll never see again in this world. And I had to convince myself that I could be proud of myself that I got the chance and for getting at the stage where my child got independent, grown up and ready to discover the world. There are people among us that will never get that opportunity, so I am very grateful and feel really blessed that I did get that chance.  Remember to stay positive and look at this big change in your life as a new episode starting, a new life filled with new opportunities and things to discover. I know quite a few, and I got like filled up with lots of positive energy as I discovered which one of my dreams set aside I could re-wake now. And the good news is that in the meanwhile I started working on them. I won`t share them for now. Let it be a surprise. 

In a few months my son will return and I know we won`t be spending much time together as in the past, but even if it would be just an hour, for me it will be like a fabulous treasure. Moments like those lasts longer then it does in reality. I’m thankful to God for the times I can still be with him. Just writing this makes me happy again! And strange but true…. Just after writing this post I felt l more relieved and free.

letting go

Thank you all very much for taking your time to read out what I wrote. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Letting go is the start of a new life.

  1. Thank you for posting this. I have 2 sons (21 and 17 nearly 18) and the older one wants to move out. So it is good to read this. I think we can be proud of our sons becoming independent and seeing that we brought them up well!
    Well done!

    • I’m honored to know my post touched you in a positive way Ute! 🙂 You can be very proud of yourself for sure, especially being a single parent! And I’m very sure your kids will be also very proud of you. 🙂 Thank you very much for visiting and also for your kind comment. Have a wonderful and blessed evening!

  2. Happy to finally read a new post from you, my friend! Am proud of you for penning down your thoughts to free yourself from all negative energies. Kudos!!

    Be blessed always, cheers! ☺

  3. Awel!!!! Asina ta!!! Mi a sinti meskos ora Shawna a bai y pa lunas no por a kompronde e kambio den nos relashon ku tabata hooopi close. Pero a jega un dia ku nos tur dos por a uit nos mes over di e kambio y awor nos ta mas free. It used to hurt so much. Pero ki bendishon kon bunita su bida ta. Kasá, na estado y sirbiendo Señor komo mishoneros. Nan ta bin keda serka nos pa dos luna aki dos of tres siman, (!!!)

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