Choosing Courage.

Choosing for courage

The key to freedom is always in front of us: Courage! But sometimes we allow our fears to blind us and instead of us ruling our future and our plans, we let our fears do that. Sometimes because somewhere in the past we’ve tried before but hadn’t accomplished exactly how we wanted. Is it worth staying in a life we don’t want to, just because of the fear we have to fail or to get rejected? If we want to accomplish something in life we need to face of fears and be courageous.
To succeed with our goals we need to take risks. Courage comes out of taking action and no matter how big the risks are. If you really want to do something you love to do, but doubt it might go wrong, dare to take risks and swim through all the fears that’s overwhelming you to get on the other side where a new future is waiting for you. No one is born with fear, so we all can learn to overcome fear. 
“I might have a long journey ahead and it might be turbulent on the road, but my courage helps me to continue.” This is what I told myself a few days ago before I took that big decision on choosing a new direction in my career, trading assurance for the unknown. I choose for what my heart really desires, happiness, challenge, inner peace. I know there’s no assurance for the unknown and I can’t go back, but that’s o.k. ’cause I don’t want to go back. What’s done is done. I am thankful for all that I’ve learned, for all that I’ve experienced, for all the good moments but also for the less good moments. I learned from the less good moments and they helped me to be strong. Now I want to move on and reach one by one my dreams I once left aside. I have patience. I am the one to give myself the chance to shine bright again. Doing something with passion makes us happy and it leads us for sure to the greatest moments in our lives.
“Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears.”
Arthur Koestler