Letting go is the start of a new life.

Letting go isn't the end of the World, it's the start of a new life
I have written so many interesting and wonderful stories in the past months, but couldn’t post none of them because of one topic controlling my life. How could I post something different while having this one topic influencing my mind and my life constantly? Today I finally decided to write about it and to post it without making any use of the writings I did before as they were too long and too much in details.
There comes a time when without wanting and without noticing we lose our strength. What happened with all those positive thoughts I used to have? They started fading away, like smoke.
Something I really never thought about reached me a few months ago. If I say I’m a mother of an 18 year boy the chance is very big that you know exactly what I`m referring to. Yes, The little child isn’t there no more. In fact, the big boy is even somewhere out there in big Europe discovering the world.
I needed some time to accept and to let go of my son and it didn’t take a day or a week for me to reach that point, but months.

So, was it that bad and that hard to let go? I would almost say it was, but ultimately it’s not. There is this one moment in life when we all have to “leave” and then we’ll never come back. That for sure is the hardest moment. So, My answer is that it’s really not that difficult.
In order to think like, that I first had to remember how many loved ones I lost that I’ll never see again in this world. And I had to convince myself that I could be proud of myself that I got the chance and for getting at the stage where my child got independent, grown up and ready to discover the world. There are people among us that will never get that opportunity, so I am very grateful and feel really blessed that I did get that chance.  Remember to stay positive and look at this big change in your life as a new episode starting, a new life filled with new opportunities and things to discover. I know quite a few, and I got like filled up with lots of positive energy as I discovered which one of my dreams set aside I could re-wake now. And the good news is that in the meanwhile I started working on them. I won`t share them for now. Let it be a surprise. 

In a few months my son will return and I know we won`t be spending much time together as in the past, but even if it would be just an hour, for me it will be like a fabulous treasure. Moments like those lasts longer then it does in reality. I’m thankful to God for the times I can still be with him. Just writing this makes me happy again! And strange but true…. Just after writing this post I felt l more relieved and free.

letting go

Thank you all very much for taking your time to read out what I wrote. 🙂


My leap of faith!

My leap of faith!
Changes aren’t always without difficulties. I have had many changes in my lives. A lot of them turned out to be good, but some turned out to be wrong. I moved from one to another country and all I hear people saying is ” Wow, you moved a lot of times” or ” Are you moving again?”.
I can be so surprised sometimes when people reacts on me with indignity. If it was me, instead of reacting as if I heard a crazy plan, I would encourage that person. Because I think when one has come that far to take a decision that will change ones life for sure, that person deserves some respect!  People who dare to face the unknown even if it scares them off, are the most successful. People dont’ realize that but it really is. Because they have a strong will to follow their heart and even if it may take long before they finally reach what they aimed for, they will reach it. Why? Because their heart’s will, their hearts desire is tied to a very strong emotion that no one else understands but themselves. Some things are just to difficult to explain sometimes.

So, shouldn’t we encourage people to pursue their dreams, of course as long as it’s something realistic?  But that’s just the thing. There are people among us that doesn’t believe enough to know that there’s more than only what they see.  They’re just surprised that I don’t stay in my comfort zone and if I allow it, it feels like entering the court and replying on all the “why’s. And that’s exactly why I gave up explaining people everything I do in my life.

Once someone told me, I better write it like this: Someone remembered me (because I think this person assumed that I forgot) that I’ve failed in the past and that I could fail again.  The moments that I failed, I see them as learning points and some of those I even see them as moments when I had to ” gamble”  to survive. We cannot look in the future, so there’s for sure some uncertainty. But, if you dare to take a step in your life to make those changes you want, there’s a big chance that the uncertainty turns out to be the life you really wants filled with joy. And you’ll look back and think that it wasn’t as scary at all as you thought. Am I scared? No I’m not.

As for this comfort zone, just because one has this job that pays good, but even being unhappy, one stay? Is that money really more important than getting to where one really want to be? I think it’s fear that keep people trapped in their comfort zone, fear created by themselves.
And by the way, why do people call that their comfort zone? For me it’s not at all. I call it prison! And that’s just why I’m not afraid of the unknown. I want to be free, always! To live my life with a mission, to laugh, to love, to be loved, to have fun with my loved ones, at any place and anywhere. We live only once and that’s exactly why I think that one should really do what one wishes to do in ones life.

If you trust your heart and believe, you can make any changes. I survived every moment I took changes. And I am thankful for every moment that made my soul an experience richer. The people that really love me, never let me down. And that, I thank God for having those wonderful people in my life. I couldn’t wish better.

So, here I come again. Taking the leap and this time with everything I have: Faith that God will be here to help me and believe that the life that’s waiting for me is not a dream but real.

*** “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the staircase”. ***

Martin Luther King

I dedicate this post to my little brother who just moved to one of those beautiful places in Spain. After many years of hard work, studying in many different directions searching for his passion, he finally got his degree for something he found out he always loved to do: cooking! I’m very proud of him.

Wake up and see the beautiful truth.

Don't see only what you're wishing for
Imagination is healthy and good for our minds because it makes us strong and gives us the ability to create something nice out of our lives. Of course, as long as we don`t get lost into our ideas and thoughts we have and start believing we could influence the reality with our imaginations. An example of a good and powerful imagination is when you remember a happy moment with someone you love, you feel the happiness entering your body and empowering your mind and feeling your heart filling itself with joy and love.

Ones mind can be so creative that when one doesn’t notice, or I better say, when someone doesn`t want to wake up and face truth, they wander easy from reality into imaginations created out of their desires. And this might result into not being able to handle with the reality.

It’s impossible that only by imagining, to believe that you can achieve what you’ve been wishing for. Someone in a very unhappy marriage might keep saying many times “this time it’s for real that we will be happy again”, instead of taking real actions to accomplish what they truly desire which is to be happy together. They deluded themselves so many times that they are going to be happy for real, that in the meanwhile it became true to them, while it’s not! Because deep in their heart they know they are not happy, but that’s just the reason why they prefer to stay in Dreamland. 

And it’s a pity because they already took the first step toward their happiness. They just don`t know that yet. They used their imagination which is very good because that’s how we start with acting! Now what needs to be done is to dare and act and that’s when our wishes lead us to the next step called reality.

Thank you for reading this post I dedicated to a very special friend who really deserves to find true happiness.  

 ***” You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”***

***Quote by Mark Twain.***

Live the life you really want.

Live out your dreams
If you fear the unknown. Don`t let it over win you, no matter how easy the words “I can`t  do this” or “this is too much for me” may sound. But should you choose for something else than choose for what you truly want just because you fear the unknown or because just you listen to what other people say? Prefer to follow your dream and take the road where the right path goes, `cause eventually there will always be changes. Look at the changes as lessons and not as problems and see those changes as a way to grow and to get things done in another or even better way.
There is always a weak spot that others notice and unfortunately, sometimes people might use that weak spot against you. Don`t allow them to do that! It`s your life so create it as you want it to be!
Lately I have dealt with moments in which I had the possibility to say easily “no” to some choices made in my life, but instead, I walked away from those situations blocking my way to them. I had people on my path discouraging my decisions. Luckily they are not in my family circle (my family is the most important thing in my life).That`s the moment a lot of questions popped up in my mind; Who am I doing it for? Who`s dream is it? Am I affecting others by living my own life? Am I dependent from others to achieve my dreams? It makes me realize that I`m the only one that can stop myself from living the real life I want. 
So, I opened my eyes and decided that I should stick on the road! And the outcome of my persistence gave me a big relieve and gave me so much power, that I now feel ready to take more steps towards the rest. 
I love my life already like it is and I am thankful for the people I have very close to me, that love me and care about me and wishes the very best for me. I wouldn`t dare to do anything that would affect them in a bad way. I`m very blessed to have them in my life and when I live out my dreams, I take them with me.  I think people should do everything they wish to do, as long as it doesn`t affect others in a bad way. And, it`s never too late to create the life you really want and to live out your dreams right now!

I am the architect of my own future.

The architect of my future

Believe in yourself. Follow your dreams and let them come true. No one else can built your future for you. If you handle like your actions are the compass for the right direction to your dreams and if you don`t let anything or anyone mislead you from going into the right direction, you can make it.

Make sure your actions points into the right direction. Don`t let anyone or anything make you believe you can`t make it. Don`t let ideas that could let you start doubting on your future plans, reach your mind. And above all, don`t let any negative influences get close to you heart. You certainly don`t want your beliefs to be influenced by negative ideas from others.


I have to admit that in the past days I was disappointed in myself because of some negativity around me which made me forgot into which direction I was going. I always hear from people that I have a positive attitude and maybe they are right, but that word isn`t  just enough to always stay positive. “Focus” might be the word I lost track on in my mind. I got distracted and I forgot that I`m the one that decide about what happens to my future and no one else! That`s when I forgot to listen to my heart and started focusing on what others would say and think. But thanks to the wonderful people around me like my son, my friend, my brothers, the beautiful sunshine and all other positive factors around me I experienced in the past few days, I opened my eyes and decided not to let anything changing my heart anymore from pointing into the right direction.

Sometimes things happens around some of us which makes us loose our faith and makes us doubt. Those things, whatever they might be, sometimes appear to be powerful than words. This only happens only when we give them the chance to be, which is a pity ’cause that`s when we forget about our dreams and that`s when we stop building on our futures and loosing time with being sad and confused. But when words and thoughts have spiritual forces coming out of our heart, then they are much more powerful and they help us align our hearts back into the right direction. And then we move on, being the architect of our own future.


Dreaming is believing


A few days ago a friend of mine who`s facing a hard and sad period approached me and told me she fell in love with this beautiful song she was listening to and wanted me to listen to it. She was so excited and wanted to share it with someone and that someone happened to be me.
I didn`t even get the chance to tell her I was busy working on something important that had to be finished right away, `cause suddenly I felt to those earphones in my ears and I there I was, surrounded by this song called “I Made It Through The Rain” from Barry Manilow, from his 1980 album “Barry”. This song is about people having a hard time, going through it and afterwards when they have better times they look back: They made it through the “rain”. 
The words in this song are very beautiful and I know my friend is having difficult moments and she`s doing all her best to over-win all the negativity and reach her goal so she can look back and triumph. I know she likes to think and dream away a lot. It makes her feels good and she forgets all the bad things around her. 
I felt a little ashamed `cause my first thought was “I don`t have time for this now”! At first thought I didn`t wanted to be interrupted.  
She asked me if I liked the song. I answered: “It was as if you pulled me out of this world and pushed me in a world full of words and sounds! Words that were written by you! I felt your sadness and your suffer in this song.”
She left and I proceeded with my job, but apparently the words touched me more than I expected `cause I wasn`t as focused anymore as I was before. I opened my mailbox and started writing her a message. 
“Dear friend,  Let me tell you what I think and how I hope you`ll listen again at this song when you`re in better times in your life. I wrote those words out of the words that stayed in my mind to put a little more focus on the moment you`re enjoying you`re life again to the fullest. Because I know that you will make it! Your time of sadness will pass and joy and happiness will take control.”
Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.”  Quote by Walt Whitman