Choosing Courage.

Choosing for courage

The key to freedom is always in front of us: Courage! But sometimes we allow our fears to blind us and instead of us ruling our future and our plans, we let our fears do that. Sometimes because somewhere in the past we’ve tried before but hadn’t accomplished exactly how we wanted. Is it worth staying in a life we don’t want to, just because of the fear we have to fail or to get rejected? If we want to accomplish something in life we need to face of fears and be courageous.
To succeed with our goals we need to take risks. Courage comes out of taking action and no matter how big the risks are. If you really want to do something you love to do, but doubt it might go wrong, dare to take risks and swim through all the fears that’s overwhelming you to get on the other side where a new future is waiting for you. No one is born with fear, so we all can learn to overcome fear. 
“I might have a long journey ahead and it might be turbulent on the road, but my courage helps me to continue.” This is what I told myself a few days ago before I took that big decision on choosing a new direction in my career, trading assurance for the unknown. I choose for what my heart really desires, happiness, challenge, inner peace. I know there’s no assurance for the unknown and I can’t go back, but that’s o.k. ’cause I don’t want to go back. What’s done is done. I am thankful for all that I’ve learned, for all that I’ve experienced, for all the good moments but also for the less good moments. I learned from the less good moments and they helped me to be strong. Now I want to move on and reach one by one my dreams I once left aside. I have patience. I am the one to give myself the chance to shine bright again. Doing something with passion makes us happy and it leads us for sure to the greatest moments in our lives.
“Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears.”
Arthur Koestler

My leap of faith!

My leap of faith!
Changes aren’t always without difficulties. I have had many changes in my lives. A lot of them turned out to be good, but some turned out to be wrong. I moved from one to another country and all I hear people saying is ” Wow, you moved a lot of times” or ” Are you moving again?”.
I can be so surprised sometimes when people reacts on me with indignity. If it was me, instead of reacting as if I heard a crazy plan, I would encourage that person. Because I think when one has come that far to take a decision that will change ones life for sure, that person deserves some respect!  People who dare to face the unknown even if it scares them off, are the most successful. People dont’ realize that but it really is. Because they have a strong will to follow their heart and even if it may take long before they finally reach what they aimed for, they will reach it. Why? Because their heart’s will, their hearts desire is tied to a very strong emotion that no one else understands but themselves. Some things are just to difficult to explain sometimes.

So, shouldn’t we encourage people to pursue their dreams, of course as long as it’s something realistic?  But that’s just the thing. There are people among us that doesn’t believe enough to know that there’s more than only what they see.  They’re just surprised that I don’t stay in my comfort zone and if I allow it, it feels like entering the court and replying on all the “why’s. And that’s exactly why I gave up explaining people everything I do in my life.

Once someone told me, I better write it like this: Someone remembered me (because I think this person assumed that I forgot) that I’ve failed in the past and that I could fail again.  The moments that I failed, I see them as learning points and some of those I even see them as moments when I had to ” gamble”  to survive. We cannot look in the future, so there’s for sure some uncertainty. But, if you dare to take a step in your life to make those changes you want, there’s a big chance that the uncertainty turns out to be the life you really wants filled with joy. And you’ll look back and think that it wasn’t as scary at all as you thought. Am I scared? No I’m not.

As for this comfort zone, just because one has this job that pays good, but even being unhappy, one stay? Is that money really more important than getting to where one really want to be? I think it’s fear that keep people trapped in their comfort zone, fear created by themselves.
And by the way, why do people call that their comfort zone? For me it’s not at all. I call it prison! And that’s just why I’m not afraid of the unknown. I want to be free, always! To live my life with a mission, to laugh, to love, to be loved, to have fun with my loved ones, at any place and anywhere. We live only once and that’s exactly why I think that one should really do what one wishes to do in ones life.

If you trust your heart and believe, you can make any changes. I survived every moment I took changes. And I am thankful for every moment that made my soul an experience richer. The people that really love me, never let me down. And that, I thank God for having those wonderful people in my life. I couldn’t wish better.

So, here I come again. Taking the leap and this time with everything I have: Faith that God will be here to help me and believe that the life that’s waiting for me is not a dream but real.

*** “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the staircase”. ***

Martin Luther King

I dedicate this post to my little brother who just moved to one of those beautiful places in Spain. After many years of hard work, studying in many different directions searching for his passion, he finally got his degree for something he found out he always loved to do: cooking! I’m very proud of him.

Give love everyday!

Give Love Everyday
There are so many ways of spreading love and happiness to our loved ones. While I’m writing this post, I see that there are only a few minutes left and then we’ll have to wait for another year for this day called Valentine’s Day to come again. 

Thinking back of the messages and calls I got today, from which some really surprised me, I got the affirmation that I need to admit that there is something very special about this day. 
Today during a conversation regarding Valentine’s Day, I mentioned like I always do “I think that everyday should be Valentine’s day. So why would I wish a special day to be there if every day can be special?” I think I got punished because during the day I got overwhelmed with wonderful messages, more than I was used to get. My busy aunt from Italy sent me this beautiful card and special message and later on after we talked to each other, I only felt more blessed to have her as my aunt. My brother in Spain also knew a good way to surprise me…and so on. 
The good thing about love is that it has this “bounce back” effect, so you’ll get love back in return. If it’s not meant to be, then of course it won’t work but then it’s not real love and this post is about real love.  
A hug, a few words of love, remembering the first kiss, those kind of things can fill one’s heart with so much love, that it will last longer than you could imagine. 
So, my conclusion is that on Valentine’s Day, lots of extra love have been shared! And after this special day is gone, love will still be spread every other day as if it’s everyday Valentine’s day. 🙂


Wake up and see the beautiful truth.

Don't see only what you're wishing for
Imagination is healthy and good for our minds because it makes us strong and gives us the ability to create something nice out of our lives. Of course, as long as we don`t get lost into our ideas and thoughts we have and start believing we could influence the reality with our imaginations. An example of a good and powerful imagination is when you remember a happy moment with someone you love, you feel the happiness entering your body and empowering your mind and feeling your heart filling itself with joy and love.

Ones mind can be so creative that when one doesn’t notice, or I better say, when someone doesn`t want to wake up and face truth, they wander easy from reality into imaginations created out of their desires. And this might result into not being able to handle with the reality.

It’s impossible that only by imagining, to believe that you can achieve what you’ve been wishing for. Someone in a very unhappy marriage might keep saying many times “this time it’s for real that we will be happy again”, instead of taking real actions to accomplish what they truly desire which is to be happy together. They deluded themselves so many times that they are going to be happy for real, that in the meanwhile it became true to them, while it’s not! Because deep in their heart they know they are not happy, but that’s just the reason why they prefer to stay in Dreamland. 

And it’s a pity because they already took the first step toward their happiness. They just don`t know that yet. They used their imagination which is very good because that’s how we start with acting! Now what needs to be done is to dare and act and that’s when our wishes lead us to the next step called reality.

Thank you for reading this post I dedicated to a very special friend who really deserves to find true happiness.  

 ***” You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”***

***Quote by Mark Twain.***

The Beauty of Blogging.

The Beauty of Blogging
I’m glad I’m back blogging and I’ll do my best not to “hide” again for a long time. There were various reasons why I couldn’t be blogging constantly, but I’ll spare you the details ’cause I want to stick on the topic I’m writing about. But, I will share one of the reasons ’cause it will bring me anyway to where I want to go with my story. 
My laptop broke down and I felt like I was in the stone age so I tried using my I-Phone more instead of using it only for text messages, calling and making pictures. But unfortunately I couldn`t manage to become good friends with it, so I made a wish list and waited till Santa came in town and I was lucky ’cause just before he left he fulfilled my wish and I said goodbye to the stone age. 
But before I got my gift I visited many stores looking and comparing some notebooks and wondering which one I would receive if I was lucky. 😉 There was one store where I ended up in a conversation telling the vendor why I needed a laptop so bad. One of the reasons was the blogging. And so I felt like a storyteller ’cause he was very interested in the blogging story. He told me I sounded like a passionate blogger and I was flattered by his remark. I said: ” Blogging is not just surfing on internet. Each blogger is a human being and it feels like you’ve always know each other. Maybe it’s because you have the same passion.”
Then suddenly this man who was standing and listening to us asked me” How can you say you love blogging and have a connection with other bloggers you don’t even know.” 
His words: ” How can someone that has never seen you in real life, that’s not even a part of your daily life touches you or respects you. How can strangers on a blog site touch your heart with theirs words and stories more than someone you know in real life? Strangers can be kind but they can never touch your heart. ” 
My first words that came out was: ” I never see them as strangers. That feeling doesn`t even come up into my mind. At this moment you are a real stranger to me, while you’re standing here in front of me.” He said. ” Only real friends can touch your heart. And besides .. you might keep hanging in those words and by the way’s just a blog.. with words you must be very clever if you can touch someone with your words. “
Wow, you might be surprised but it felt like it was a test to define my limits. If you know J.D. from the medical comedy t.v. serie Scrubs, you’ll understand exactly how I felt. I saw myself pulling out his hair and then walking away. But instead I took a deep breath and wished I could explain to this person what the blogging is really about. 
First I wanted to convince him that he might find something interesting if he would try it out. Whether if it’s something to laugh about, or something inspirable or an educative topic, there’s always something nice and something meaningful to read about in the world of blogging. The one better than another, but each one in their own way! But I ignored him and continued my conversation with the vendor. 
What I’ve experienced during that conversation was that not everybody is positive about the blogging. In other conversations people I know and even friends do like it, but they always say they don’t have time to blog. And when I mention that with a full time job, being a single mom that also workout 3 to 4 times a week at the gym, following a language course once a week at night and travelling regularly to visit friends and families in the weekend, I have never said I don’t have time for the blogging. And then…. Silence is all I hear. 
It would be easy to say that I don’t have time to blog, but I won’t, ’cause since I started doing it I love blogging and I really am glad I once discovered the World of Blogging. Of course, I have to admit that I won’t always be able to do it on a frequently bases, but it’s not the quantity that matters but the quality. I might make mistakes, but I learn from them and try becoming better the next time. 
Every time I post something, I share a piece of me and I am very thankful to all the bloggers that are interested in my posts. I’m happy I can be part of this world called blogging where there are so many beautiful people, from all kind of fields that are being themselves, sharing beautiful, strong, educative, funny, inspirational and healthy stories, poems and topics.
At this point I can’t imagine being without my blogger friends because they are very special to me. So I want you to know, when you don’t hear anything from me, I’m missing you for sure! And that’s what I call the beauty of blogging! 

Treasure every moment you have.

Treasure every moment you have

With the years I learned how valuable time is and how important it is to cherish your moment with people you love, ’cause time really doesn`t wait and when it`s gone it`s  gone. Nowadays people have busy schedules but this shouldn`t be a reason not to find some time to get together. Being a single mom with a full time job could have also been a reason for me not to have spent much time with family and friends in the past. But there`s no better moment than enjoying time as it comes. So no matter how busy your life is, you should enjoy every moment that you can. 

For me spending time together with family and friends is my treasure and I`m grateful that God has blessed me with such wonderful people in my life.

I`ve also spent time with people from which I thought the moments spent with them was valuable. At first I saw those moments as time wasted, but than I realized it`s not worth thinking and wondering things like ‘If I only knew…’. I should spend my valuable time with people who really want to be with me and people I love to be with.

Sometimes when you`re enjoying your moments together with your loved ones, you might have some unhappy moments, but in the end everybody will be happy again and filled with nice memories.

Think with your heart.

Think with your heart
People prefer to stay in the ‘safe’ zone so they can protect themselves from getting hurt. If they only knew how beautiful it is to think with their hearts, they would wish they could reverse their life, open their heart, trust their heart and experience the peace and love they carry inside of it. 
If ones heart is closed, locked up and the key thrown away somewhere far far away, thinking with ones mind is the only thing that`s left. But still, it`s never too late to open ones heart and feel love. Everything is possible as long as you stay open to it.                                                                                                                                 

Saying from Robert Bulwer-Lytton: “A good heart is better than all the heads in the world.” 


And I really love this quote from Anne Frank: “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.”
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Only allow good memories in your heart.

Only allow good memories in your heart

In reality you can`t really get rid of bad memories but at least you will be able to accept that they occurred, look at the positive side of them and allow the good parts to stay in your heart. That`s the point where you`re in peace with yourself. Sharing memories with others also gives you enlightenment and makes you feel “lighter” and even happy. Allow it to happen and you`ll notice that also sharing makes you happier. Don`t let bad memories stay in your heart. They may become worse than they were before and may have bad effects in your life. In reality not all memories do have a positive outcome, so for those that don`t, remember that you have to keep looking ahead instead of sticking in the past, look forward and focus on the positive experiences.


“I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.” 

Anne Frank, The Diary of a young girl.


Live the life you really want.

Live out your dreams
If you fear the unknown. Don`t let it over win you, no matter how easy the words “I can`t  do this” or “this is too much for me” may sound. But should you choose for something else than choose for what you truly want just because you fear the unknown or because just you listen to what other people say? Prefer to follow your dream and take the road where the right path goes, `cause eventually there will always be changes. Look at the changes as lessons and not as problems and see those changes as a way to grow and to get things done in another or even better way.
There is always a weak spot that others notice and unfortunately, sometimes people might use that weak spot against you. Don`t allow them to do that! It`s your life so create it as you want it to be!
Lately I have dealt with moments in which I had the possibility to say easily “no” to some choices made in my life, but instead, I walked away from those situations blocking my way to them. I had people on my path discouraging my decisions. Luckily they are not in my family circle (my family is the most important thing in my life).That`s the moment a lot of questions popped up in my mind; Who am I doing it for? Who`s dream is it? Am I affecting others by living my own life? Am I dependent from others to achieve my dreams? It makes me realize that I`m the only one that can stop myself from living the real life I want. 
So, I opened my eyes and decided that I should stick on the road! And the outcome of my persistence gave me a big relieve and gave me so much power, that I now feel ready to take more steps towards the rest. 
I love my life already like it is and I am thankful for the people I have very close to me, that love me and care about me and wishes the very best for me. I wouldn`t dare to do anything that would affect them in a bad way. I`m very blessed to have them in my life and when I live out my dreams, I take them with me.  I think people should do everything they wish to do, as long as it doesn`t affect others in a bad way. And, it`s never too late to create the life you really want and to live out your dreams right now!

Having a rich life full of happiness.

Having a rich life full of happiness

The fact that we have little money doesn`t have to mean that you are poor. We can be rich without being wealthy.
If you have a family that loves you, if you have good friends (doesn`t need to be a dozen, one good friend is already enough) around you and if you feel healthy, you are rich! 
If you can hear the birds outside singing, enjoy the sunset and admire the colors of the sky… If you can enjoy all those things in nature that are free, you are a rich person!
Of course having a lot of money could also make you happy, but only to the point where you get to live comfortable and be able to buy and do anything you want without having to worry about the consequences. This way of being rich won`t increase your well-being. This is not the most important factor.  It`s satisfaction, living with good thoughts and being grateful for all you have around you that brings you joy! And those are the factors that give you a rich life full of happiness. 
I started counting several times but I never finished, `cause each time I start counting I get very excited just by knowing that having the ability to count so many positive factors, makes me happy knowing that I`m that rich! 🙂